My name's Barbour. I'm seventeen, and a high school graduate headed to college. I like video games, movies, obscure music and a lot of other stuff. You can find me as "tacosheller" on pretty much everything else.
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As promised, here’s my scanlation of the SMT1 OST liner notes that eirikrjs generously scanned that has Kazuma Kaneko talking shop about his pixel art philosophies. :D!

There’s a decent amount of ground covered here considering how short it is. Some of his advice is a little dated, as indicated by his references to sprite color pallet limitations on consoles during SMT1’s heyday, but hopefully this is still a fun look into how some of Atlus’ most iconic demon designs were originally handled. Pretty unorthodox jumping immediately into sprite work for a lot of demons!

For best readability, make sure to right click each image and either save it or open it in a new tab so that they can be viewed at full size.

Thanks for reading!


Incredible stuff. We don’t deserve you!

This is the Lord’s work right here.